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SOB IxtapaSOB Ixtapa

With breathtaking beaches & ocean views, Ixtapa
has the energy & excitement of a world-class resort.


Ixtapa, located 100 miles north of Acapulco on the Mexican Riviera offers 11 world class hotels, bordering on one of Mexico's premier volleyball beaches. Ixtapa is 5,623 acres of pure paradise that began about 40 years ago and is still slowly growing with most of its sprawling coast still undeveloped. Hotels, restaurants, discos, a shopping center, marina and two golf courses offer everything necessary for a sensational, tropical vacation, yet a secluded beach with private palm trees is just around the corner.

All the modern comforts and more are there to enjoy, yet it has the feel of an unspoiled place and the pace is as relaxing or crazy as you want it to be. Zihuatanejo, an old fishing village near Ixtapa acts as an enchanting counterpoint to Ixtapa. Mini stores, boutiques and restaurants linked by cobblestone streets invite leisurely shopping and strolling. The atmosphere is cozy, friendly and informal. This is the one of the few places in Mexico where you can get to know everybody in town in an evening.

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