Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We have a professional photographer, Russ Dix, that is part of our SOB staff and will take thousands of pictures so you don't have to worry and can just enjoy your vacation. In addition to that you can hire Russ to take a 30 minute private photo session of yourself while you are playing with the pros, so you get the best action shots while receiving sets from the best i.e. Ty Tramblie. After the trip is completed Russ builds an extensive gallery that is organized by activity with all the amazing shots from each vacation.  We host all the photos from our trips at www.sobvolleyballphotos.com where they are available to all our guests.  You can view highlight galleries from all of our Volleyball Vacations at the site.

Russ also has 2 personal sites, RSDphotography & Blipfoto.com


To checkout ALL the photos go to our photo website at www.sobvolleyballphotos.com, enjoy!