SOB ResultsIxtapa: January 23-30, 1999 (224 Guests)

What a crazy year. We topped 200 guests and had our largest tournament to date, with 24 nets on the beach. Macarena was the song of the year, Dancing in the clubs was off the charts, Curtis, Meckna, Valinda and Becker taught some great clinics, and we made our first set of donations to school children in the local villages.
Most Valuable Players (MVP's)
Denny Behn, Matt Brinkman, Stephanie Burton, Ted Currier, Laurie Curttice, Lana DiPilato, Hoss Dolan, Sandra George, Cindy Gerk, Crystal Harrison, Barbara Hurtgam, Jay Jansen, Mike Kernal, Tina Malinowski, Kelly Markham, Mark McCann, Vickie McElmurry, Brian Meckna, Jack O'Grady, Carol Poynter, Mike Thiesen

Men's Pro Divison Women's Pro Division
1st Place: Brian Meckna, Seal Beach C 1st Place: Valinda Hilleary,Newport Bch,CA
2nd Place: Curtis Griffin, Boulder, CO 2nd Place: Deb Michalski, Denver, CO
3rd Place: Bill Genovich, Detroit, MI 3rd Place: Linda Capizi, Bradley Beach, NJ
4th Place: Mike Kernal, Fox River Grove,IL 4th Place: Tammi Edwards, Pontiac, MI





Men's Amateur Divisions
Women's Amateur Divisions
1st Place: Paul Weston, Brea, CO 1st Place: Amy Bosserman, Morrison, CO
2nd Place: Thad Quinley, Chicago, IL 2nd Place: Michelle Lehota, Denver, CO
3rd Place: Marty Larson, Denver, CO 3rd Place: Anita Romero, Denver, CO
4th Place: Mike Rambo, Shelby TWP, MI 4th Place: Lana DiPilato, Plymouth, MN





Ixtapa: January 17-24,1998 (191 Guests)

Almost 200 guests joined us for SOB #5. 1998 marked our last tournament play at Troncones and we topped it off with a huge bonfire on the beach. We missed Mick Jagger by one day at the Burro Burracho, Viking Master was the "bar game" of choice (ohh, ahh, ohh ahh), and everyone came home with "concrete burns" from the slide at Mandilles Rooftop Dance Club. We had the "Fan Incident" at JJ's Lobster & Shrimp and Deb, the manager, saved the day.
Most Valuable Players (MVP's)
Oops, we either misplaced the information, if you received an MVP in 1998, please let us know.
Laura Jacobsen

Men's Pro Divison Women's Pro Division
1st Place: Curtis Griffin, Denver, CO 1st Place: Lisa Ekmekjian, New Jersey
2nd Place: Brian Meckna, Seal Beach, CA 2nd Place: Suzanne Siegler, Portland, OR
3rd Place: Scott Smith, Denver, CO 3rd Place: Sandy Matthes, Los Angeles, CA
4th Place: Don Sachau, New Jersey 4th Place: Robin Cooper, Denver, CO




Men's Amateur Divisions
Women's Amateur Divisions
1st Place: Ken Lee, Arvada, CO 1st Place: Linda Hager, Denver, CO
1st Place: David Bahr, Denver, CO 2nd Place: Tina Malinowski, Chicago, IL
3rd Place: Andy Hort, Minneapolis, MN 3rd Place: Carrie Kateley, Denver, CO
4th Place: Mark McCann, Denver, CO 4th Place: Marcel Johnson, Denver, CO




Ixtapa: January 1997 (126 Guests)

Year 4 SOB breaks 100 guests and formalizes the 4x4 ladder and King/Queen formats. Portable lights were once again fired up for opening night at Carlos and Charlies, and we rented buses, from Acapulco, and took the entire group to Troncones for part of the 4's tourney. Everyone got an SOB Beach Towel, and the Omni Hotel was now a Doubletree (love those chocolate chip cookies). We had our first "Pro" join the trip, Curtis Griffen, and we offered our first clinics. We also introduced the idea of MVP's, the players who brought the positive Mojo to the court every day and elevated the game of everyone they played with.
It's 5 o'clock somewhere!It's 5 o'clock somewhere!
Michelle Baur, Les Beller, Kevin Bukacek, Steve Clagg, Theresa Doi, Tracy Giambrocco, Crystal Harrison, Marcel Johnson, Billi Little, Todd MacKintosh, Wendy McCann, Earnie Romero, Glenn Tacke, Anne Sbarbaro, Greg Sherwin, Steve Shomo, Alan Switzer, Heidi Weinischke

Men's Pro Divison Women's Pro Division
1st Place: Curtis Griffen, Boulder, CO 1st Place: Sandy Matthes, Denver, CO
2nd Place: Todd Robertson, Boulder, CO 2nd Place: Debbie Michalski, Denver, CO
3rd Place: Glenn Tacke, Denver, CO 3rd Place: Linda Hager, Denver, CO
4th Place: Kevin Bukacek, Denver, CO 4th Place: Marti Carver, Denver, CO
5th Place: Jay Caruso, Denver, CO 5th Place: Megan Mickal, Boulder, CO



The Rally: Ixtapa, January 1996 (55 Guests)

SOB ResultsThanks to all of you who rallied, signed up, and made SOB 3 happen; it laid the foundation for many volleyball vacations to come. 55 guests joined us including our first two out of state players, Thad Quinnly and Jennifer Karas (Chicago). We actually set up lights on the beach in front of Carlos and Charlies so we could play all night back in 1996. We also chartered buses for an epic trip out to the Burro Borracho at Troncones. We ran two tourneys and winners included:

Men's Division
1st Place: Thad Qunnly (Chicago, IL) / Matt Driste (Denver, CO)
2nd Place: Eric Kloor (Boulder, CO) / Steve Shomo (Denver, CO)
Women's Division
1st Place: Erin Johansen (Denver, CO) / Nancy Wharton (Denver, CO)
2nd Place: Jenny Karas (Chicago IL) / Jules Van Puersem (Denver, CO)
Round Robin 4's
Men: 1st: Eric Kloor, 2nd: Alan Switzer, 3rd: Rick Ott, 4th: Mitch Fong
Women: 1st: Sandy Kaufman, 2nd Mary Watcher, 3rd: Debbie Michalski
4th: Erin Johansen







Paradise Found: Ixtapa 1995 (14 Guests)

In the spring of 1994, we drove the west coast of Mexico researching beaches. We stumbled into Ixtapa and knew we had found the perfect location. Unfortunately, nobody had heard of it and only 14 guests joined the trip. Like Cancun in '94, the small group allowed us to toss nets in the rental Surburbans, head out for the day, explore the region, and set up for games on beaches up and down the coast. We discovered the Burro Borracho, hiked to the secret beach in Zihuatanejo, and played a ton of volleyball. We also decided it was our last trip, the economics didn't pencil. But everyone pleaded us to return to Ixtapa, promising they would drag their friends down to paradise for the '96 trip.....which they did. Thanks to you all: Mike Aggen, Eric Schliesman, Steve and Nancy Carpenter, George "Zep" Zepernick, Mitch Fong, Eric Kloor, Greg Sherwin, Mel Reichert, Erin Johansen, Crystal Harrison, and Jeff Hart! SOB exists today because of all of you.

The Beginning: Cancun 1994 (30 Guests)

It was our first volleyball trip South Of the Border (SOB) and we teamed up with Ports of Call Travel Club in Denver and headed to Cancun. The group included 21 gamers, a couple significant others, and 3 windsurfing couples from Aspen who liked our travel package. We had a great trip that included a clinic for some local school kids, pick up with the staff of a cobbler shop en route to Chitchen Itza, late nights of dancing at Mango Tango, some good days on the beach, some windy days on the beach, and lots of volleyball on the court at Fat Tuesdays. Jeremy Chalom, Eric Kloor and Marlene Giordano were our Round Robin WInners and Greg Sherwin and Jules Van Puersem received MVP honors. Everyone had a blast filling the days with informal round robin and pick-up play, and exploring Cancun. Thanks to the original SOB Cast, you all were part of the start of something very special:
Greg Sherwin, Chris Elkins, Mitch Fong, Eric Kloor, George Zepernick, Neal & Carla Leet, Bob Messer, Jeff Hart, Steve Gillette, Nancy Wharton, Steve Carpenter, Jeremy Chalem, Tom Davenport, Jules Van Puersem, Crystal Harrison, Casey & Cheryl Ryan, Marlane Giordano, Bob and Darah Felton, Molly Mallone, Mark Goetz, Ted "Mel" Reichert, Lee & Joyce Shapiro, David Muckenhirn, Karen Setterfield, Jan French and Glenn Tacke.