Pro/Am Round Robin Doubles

The SOB Pro/Am round robin play of the Men's/Women's Doubles tournaments starts with all players in the "main draw", regardless of skill level. Since the format is a "seeded blind draw round robin", participants need not bring a partner...we pair everyone up. Guests will play multiple rounds with as many as 30 different partners over the course of the week, including AVP pros. At the end of each doubles tournament, the top 4 players in 3 seperate divisions (M/W Pro, M/W Intermediate, M/W Amateur) are battling it out in the SOB Finals!

During the first day of competition, players are assigned to a net for the opening session of round robin play (King/Queen of the Beach). Players are seeded on each net with various different skill levels represented. (AA, A, BB, B, REC). Upon the completion of this round, the players will advance to 1 of 3 divisions, Pro, Intermediate or Amateur.

Once divisions are established, players are re-seeded into new pools with new partners for each subsequent round. Each player will once again play with each participant on their net. Top players will advance towards a semi-final round of 16 on four nets, then down to the elite 8 on two nets, then the final 4 players will compete in the final on center court in front of the SOB Crowd.

In 2009, the SOB Crew added a COED doubles tournament to the Puerto Vallarta Trip. The format worked great and has since been added to all the trips, with pairings created by doubles results. So once again, you don't need to bring a partner.....we have you covered.


Pro/Am COED 4x4 Tournament

The 4x4 coed tournament consists of a ladder format that allows for plenty of volleyball with up to 18 partners and 20+ opponents while getting acclimated to humidity, heat and deep Mexico Sand. There are numerous rounds the first couple of days, with 4 games per round. Most tournament play is scheduled for morning or evening so the days are open to Play Tourist (Besides the sand can get pretty hot midday.)

The 4x4 coed tournament format is simple. Each player ranks themselves according to their skill levels and is then paired with a coed partner of similar skills to form a pair/couple (previous visitors will be ranked based on past productivity.) Each couple will be paired with another couple to form a foursome. Each foursome is assigned to a net, with the more advanced players on the higher nets (1,2,3, etc.) and the recreational players on the lower nets (17, 18, 19, etc.,) everyone else is spread between. The teams then advance up the ladder (toward net 1) if they win a match or down the ladder (towards net 20) if they lose a match. To enable people to get better acquainted couples are reassigned for each of the three rounds. Furthermore, each time a foursome arrives at a new net they swap couples with their new opponents to create new teams of four.

Over the two days and three rounds of 4's competition, each participant will play with approximately 18 different people. This means that by the end of the 4x4 tournament each player will have not only met a bunch of players, but as a result of the format they will have met players of similar skill levels, thus setting the stage for pickup play later in the week, and a full dance card every night on the town!