Why Vacation with SOB?

SOB Ixtapa Vacation

Because all beaches are not created equal. In 1994 SOB Volleyball Vacations organized its first Volleyball Vacation, SOB-Cancun. The trip was a success, but the wind and narrow beaches made the volleyball marginal and inconvenient (we had to play early in the morning to beat the wind!). The quest for the perfect Volleyball Vacation Beach began! We flew to SOB Ixtapa VacationMazatlan and took a little roadtrip down the west coast of Mexico in March of 1995. Two thousand bumpy, dusty miles later, we pulled into Ixtapa and found "it", the perfect "SOB" volleyball beach.

Ixtapa's beaches are wide and flat, and the resort is first class. When combined with January daily highs of 88 degrees, no rain, and no wind, Ixtapa becomes hard to beat. Trust us, one visit and you will be back every year! We have been here since 1994 and there are a bunch of great reasons we keep coming back...it's dollar beers at Alex's Bar; dinner at Mama Norma's; "owning" the dance floor at the "Tree House Bar"; hook at La Perla; and hanging out with 200 of your new best friends. Ixtapa has become a second home to us and with the addition of Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas to the mix, we now have 3 beaches to play on.