“It's hard to improve on paradise, unless you play a little volleyball with some friends while you are there.”

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Puerto Vallarta 2022

PV1: Nov 5-12    Men's:  12 spots                                                      Women's 14 spots

PV2: Nov 12-19   Men's SOLD OUT                                                  Women's: 8 spots

PV3: Nov 26 - Dec 3                                                                            Men's:   SOLD OUT                                                Women's: 1 spot

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 SOB Puerto Vallarta weeks each have 6 pros, 96 players and approx. 115+- guests.  8 days, 7 nights, 3 tournaments, all-inclusive. Please call with questions. 303 745-2255

Ixtapa 23'

January 14-21, 2023      


Ixtapa is back for 2023 with over 180 attending.  It has been be reduced from our historic 196 player size to 144, 72 players per gender with a 1/16 Pro Ratio. 

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SOB Ixtapa Vacations are filled 1st come, 1st served.  Registration opens annually at noon, MST,  on the second Tuesday in July.   If tourney packages sell out, players can still join the trip for pick-up, clinics, & of course fun.  Call us if you have questions.   303 745-2255 

Cabo San Lucas 23'

March 4-11, 2023

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               Men's:  8 spots left                Women's: 14 spots left

We are locked and loaded for a return next March to the Hacienda Del Mar. The Hotel is european plan and our packages will include breakfasts, two dinners, along with airport transfers and a couple nights out on the town! 64 player cap.

SOB Cabo San Lucas Vacations are filled 1st come, 1st served basis with priority for returning Hacienda guests.  Registration opens annually at noon, MST, on the second Tuesday in September.  Returning guest priority ends at noon, 7 days later and registered new guests will fill any remaning spots. 4 pros and 75+ guests.  Call if you have questions. 303 745-2255