“It's hard to improve on paradise, unless you play a little volleyball with some friends while you are there.”

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Nov 15 - 22, 2014

92 players, 6 pros

Akers, Engle, Wallin

Allen, Keenan, Tramblie




Jan 17-24, 2015

Men's Sold Out!

Women call for availability!

192 players, 8 pros.
Megan Wallin, Tealle Hunkus, Kevin + Ali McColloch, Billy + Janelle Allen,
Stafford Slick, Derek Olson  



April 11-18, 2015

Registration is open!

111/144 spots gone!

Beach and Hotel survived Odile

144 players, 6 pros

Evan Engle, Christal Engle, Ty Tramblie, Billy Allen, Tealle Hunkus, Kevin McColloch and 2 more TBD