• Charities-7.jpg

    Deciding which jersey to bid on during the Ixtapa auction.

  • Charities-4.jpg

    Some successful bidders with their prizes and the pros who provided.

  • Charities-8.jpg

    Who will bid highest and take home the custom volleyball.

  • Charities-3.jpg -

    A round of shots, sans glasses, for our hard working pros.

  • Charities-12.jpg -

    The silent auction is popular because of the great goodies.

  • Charities-2.jpg

    Chaim Schalk signs the custom Molton for the live auction.

  • Charities-16.jpg

    The fun is about to start.

  • Charities-17.jpg

    The Puerto Vallarta award venue is picture perfect.

  • Charities-1.jpg

    Awards and auction on the patio in Cabo San Lucas.

  • Charities-11.jpg

    This auction winner had a special request for her pro photo.

  • Charities-9.jpg -

    A rousing Sociaaaaaal starts the awards ceremony in Puerto Vallarta.

  • Charities-14.jpg -

    The bidding is intense during the PV silent auction.

  • Charities-13.jpg

    A beautiful custom paint job makes this Molton too pretty to play with.

  • Charities-6.jpg -

    The Cabo dinner and auction is just steps away from the volleyball action.

  • Charities-5.jpg -

    Troy Field tries his hand as an auctioneer.

  • Charities-10.jpg

    Happy auction winners with their pros.

  • Charities-15.jpg -

    Auction winners with their pro patrons.

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